Spotipy – Squeezeserver

We have an old squeezeserver but hardly use it. Nostalgic for the music, I set myself the task of programatically making a Spotify playlist of all the tracks. Slow progress but I do progress:

  1. Find the squeezeserer sqllite database and export it using Firefox plugin SQLite manage;. I exported csv and cleaned it up in Excel. I can export that as a csv once I nail the rest of it.
  2. Install Spotipy. Follow all the instructions about making an account with the developer side of Spotify.
  3. Try to get the Spotipy example for playlists working. FAIL (authentication).
  4. Try to get WSL Debian to launch a brower so you can authenticate. FAIL.
  5. Try to get Powershell to launch the same. Success! but later fail.
  6. Try to set environment variables in Powershell. FAIL
  7. Tear hair out.
  8. Realise you can hard code the variables in…