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Mild Ale Bottling

2015-10-12 10.29.46The gravity of the ale after two weeks at 18 degrees suggests an alcohol content of 1.3%, which is ridiculous.  I was very suspicious of the OG reading, and the fermentation was pretty vigorous at the start, so I am assuming incompenence and bottling. The proof will be in the drinking.

The beer needs to mature for at least three weeks before drinking, but I used spray malt, so it should continue to improve for months after that.

DateSpecific GravityAlcohol Content (%)
28th September 20151,0280
12th October 20151,0181.31
Alcohol content seems ridiculous, but that OG was very suspicious

Off to May and Brett today to pick up another wine kit and probably a new Blue Boar kit together with a new carboy.

Hubble Bubble

2015-09-29 12.11.40

It is still exciting and rewarding to hear the hubble bubble of the yeast going to work. This is supposed to take 8d to ferment, but I set the t4emperature lower than advised, so will probably leave it a couple of weeks.

For some reason the controller is finding it hard to keep the temperature spot on, but that might be due to the temperature changes because of the vigorous fermentation?