OpenHabian as NAS

In my quest to reduce energy I decided to make openhabian my NAS. I can shut down an old ASUS wifi router I have been lazily using for that purpose with an external disk attached. I pulled the PCIe3 USB stick from the TV that is 1TB and never used (I upgraded to Freesat) and shoved it in the Openhabian.

Got it all set up, then used the teminal program screen to set the copying in motion. ctrl+a , d to leave, screen -r to go back in to it.

I always forget the working settings so here are the pages I used and the final critical lines of text in smb and fstab.


UUID=82A2524DA2524637 /mnt/nas ntfs rw 0 0


  comment=PCIe3 NAS
  create mask=0664
  directory mask=0775
  veto files = /Thumbs.db/.DS_Store/._.DS_Store/.apdisk/._*/
  delete veto files = yes