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New cider batch thanks to the folk of Newport


A clarion call to my village via Facebook turned up nearly enough apples for another demijohn full of fresh juice and another go at cider.   I washed them and chopped them, removing the bad and rotten bits, then put them through our borrowed scratter (smasher up of apples).

I then pressed them in three batches and poured the juice in to a sterilised demijohn before adding a crushed campden tablet.  Now to leave for 24 hours (patience!) before testing the specific gravity and deciding what I want the final product to be like.

Cheaty Cider Testing

2013-11-05 21.36.10

This is the second go at the cheaty cider.  It has been in the fridge for a few days and is rather delicious.   Sweet, a bit yeasty (it really needs a good few days in the fridge) and with quite a nice alcoholic buzz after one glass.  Lovely.

Looks: 3/5 (a bit cloudy)

Taste: 4/5 (still a slight yeastiness, but sweet too)

Buzz: 5/5 🙂

Crider Testing

We had a Halloween party last night.  I wheeled out some cider after a fair bit of bought alcohol had been tested.  The opinion of the crider was that it was a bit yeasty up front but had a good follow through.  I do wonder whether it wouldn’t be nicer if made with a demijohn and then racked off a couple of times to reduce the yeastiness – then fizzified with a bit of sugar.  Maybe this can be another project.500D_1762