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Fret not about bubbles


I opened a bottle of the cheaty cider that I had decanted off and had been living in the fridge for a while.  It was rock hard.  When opened it was stupidly over-fizzy.  It took two minutes to open bit by bit and when finally open the bubbles poured out for some time.  The yeast, which had been sitting at the bottom, was also thoroughly mixed in by the furious bubbles.  Not ideal.

After drinking the cider (it was OK – if yeasty…) I filled the bottle with water and compared it’s tautness with the Christmas Ale and Cider.  There was no competition.  They are certainly more tight than just water, so off to the cellar they went.  After worrying about them being a bit soft, I am now quite relieved they are not as rock hard as the cider.

Another simple cheaty cider

I am exploring this cheaty way of making fizzy cider using  Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps (I just love the sound of that and hope that it is really his or her name).  You mix the ingredients in the picture and add a pinch of yeast.  In this case I had the dregs of the last batch in the bottom of the bottle so just mixed it all together and left it in a warm part of the house.

My hope is to make a light cider that I can share with the kids without feeling guilty.  A strong memory of mine is my grandfather (who didn’t drink) serving cider with meals because it had been bought by my grandmother and was “non-alcoholic”.