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HP Ambient Light on Windows 10

I have an HP TouchSmart 600-1220uk Desktop PC that I keep ticking over.  A while back I did a fresh install of vanilla Windows 8, and then recently upgraded to Windows 10.  Now that winter is drawing in I became frustrated that the “Ambient Light” feature was only blue. I remembered that you could have any colour when I got the PC originally.

HP no longer supplies this software, and after much searching I eventually found it here:


Sadly this did not work as it said I did not meet the minimum requirements 🙁

Luckily 7zip came to the rescue. I opened the file as an archive and kept drilling down until I found a folder that contained HPAmbientLightSetup_x64.msi.  I ran this and it installed immediately with no fanfare. It just works.  Simple program but it is nice to get away from the blue once more.