More rosé, Zinfandel Blush

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We like our home made rosé, but the firm that we were using (Sadlers) has gone bust. May and Brett had no rosé available, so it was off to for supplies. We selected California Connoisseur Zinfandel Blush.  My first kit (and the best white I made I believe) was California so definitely worth a second go.

My brew controller got an “upgrade”. In the process I borked the two temperature sensors, so after about 5 hours work (out came the soldering iron to fix it and make the “upgrade” more permanent) I had it doing its job again.  The speech marks are because the upgrade is not so successful. It is supposed to be a microphone that hears and counts bubbles, but I just can’t quite get it working properly.  Work in progress I think.

DateSpecific GravityAlcohol Content (%)
20th October 20151,0840
2nd November 201599611.6

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