Moving a TWRP backup to a new device

After a failed attempt to recover my old 8B nexus 7 with a new £50 LCD and digitizer, I bought a beaten up 32GB nexus 7 for £55.  I’ve put them together to get a working 32GB nexus 7 which at £110 is about what you can get one for on ebay :/.  But at least I didn’t waste the £50 on the digitizer!

I want to make this my main device so had to restore a backup to it.  I found that the TWRP recovery would not see the backup.  It turns out that in the TWRP folder there is another sub folder and the name of that is unique to the device.  I made a quick backup of the new device to find out what the id should be, renamed the folder and off it went.

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