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Moving RPizeBox to git


Now I have the proof of concept for the RPi, I wanted to improve the code and have long term plans to make it remember tracks we skip, as well as allowing a blacklist!  I wanted to keep some sort of version control, and this is where git comes in.  I have been aware of git for a while but don’t really know much about it.

I now have created my own git hub for RPizeBox at https://github.com/thomaswwp/RPizeBox. I also forked PyLMS (which appears to be abandoned) and will eventually include it in my build as a module, rather than simply importing the code.

I have reduced the code to two scripts, but this looks like it has increased the CPU overhead to about 6%, so I may revert to what I had before.

I have also made a Fritzing diagram of the setup for future reference.


I also found that the skip forward button was broken on the remote, so just remapped other buttons.



LIRC setup on RPi

Notes on getting pylirc installed on my RPi.

pylirc seems to be abandoned, but pylirc2 exists albeit on flaky server?   I manually downloaded setup.py and pylircmodule.c from


to folder /home/pi/pylirc2

But I couldn’t get pylirc working 🙁

RPizeBox Display code

Here is the code for now. It needs pylms downloaded and wiringpi2 to work.  I made some changes to pylms player.py to allow for accented letters in the titles so I just load the code rather than importing it.