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Bottling day plus IPA

500D_2206I did a lot of bottling today.  The Golden Stag made 22 litres, then I moved one of the demijohns of Pinot Chardonnay in to six and a bit bottles for ease of drinking.  The remnants were disposed of appropriately.  I completely forgot to measure the gravity of the beer before adding the priming sugar.


To celebrate I thought I would try some of the IPA.  The head was excellent, creamy and long lasting, and the taste was fine.  I am sure it will get smoother over time, but it is already drinkable.

I now have nothing major going at all for the first time in ages.  I have over forty litres of IPA and golden stag to work my way through.  I suspect that if I open a 1 litre bottle that will get drunk so in reality it is about 40 drinking nights.  At my current rate of progress the beer will be gone by Christmas.  Wine goes much faster, so the next project is going to be a rosé kit, thought I have not yet bought one.

Orange is for IPA


A couple of days ago I took the IPA off the “trub” and put it in to my vessel that has a tap.  Today I had time to bottle it, and thanks to eBay I have a variety of colour caps to choose from. The final alcohol content comes up as 4% which is a bit odd, as the pack said 5.5%.  I topped up with 80ml of sugar (half a teaspoon per pint) to add the fizz.   And in the process I lost the instructions for how long to wait, but I guess usual rules apply – warm place for a few days then off to the cellar for another couple of weeks for testing in mid March although this thread suggests that you leave it far longer.  I’m going to need more bottles if I have to store stuff for so long.

I find the tap/bottling wand awkward to use, so may investigate using it on the end of a hose.  I have three sizes, so one should work.

I am also pondering labels this time.  They looked cool on the cider.

DateSpecific GravityAlcohol Content (%)
27th January 20141,0440
9th February 20141,0144