Squeezebox Frustration prompts action…

I sold my broken squeezebox on ebay.  It turns out it was just the power supply.  How incredibly frustrating.

So I decided to work on getting my RPi LMS a display.  Notes.

https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi2-Python to install wiringPi for my LCD display, but it wouldn’t compile. Neither would https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi-Python.

https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi-Python/issues/7 fixed this and I compiled WiringPi2.

I had much more success with this
and could read what was playing on the SqueezeLite with no issues at all.

So that is a start – now to make it update when the track changes and to scroll the titles.  And…. And…

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